Playing Catch with Destiny Book

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How the Miracle Belt Changes Lives

by Michael Williamsen

Playing Catch with Destiny™ is an inspirational true story about the journey of a professional baseball player who put his career on hold to help children with developmental disabilities caused by sensory disorders. Michael Williamsen provides deep insight into the power and control Major League Baseball has over players while trying to better understand why the country has yet to hear about the Miracle Belt™ & Sensory Belt™. Playing Catch with Destiny is a must read for all baseball fans or anyone who knows someone dealing with the challenges caused by sensory disorders.

"In the now iconic baseball movie, Field of Dreams, a promising young rookie by the name of Archie Graham gives up his baseball career and steps across the diamond’s foul line to save Ray Kinsella’s young daughter from choking to death. Aware of the irrevocable consequences, Archie leaves both his youth and his future in baseball to become a small town’s beloved doctor, “Moonlight” Graham. Playing Catch with Destiny is Matt Bruback’s similar story, albeit with fewer glossed over fictional scenes. Like Archie, Bruback stepped away from baseball in order to devote his time, energy and resources to helping children with developmental disabilities with the aptly-named Miracle Belt™. Playing Catch with Destiny is one of those iconic baseball stories which will inspire children for generations to come."
Susan "Sam" Abe,
Freelance Baseball Writer

"The story about the Miracle Belt™ is one of every American. Challenging oneself, overcoming obstacles, and working together to improve the lives of others. Many think my life's journey is a story of doing things that aren't quite possible to achieve, but the reality is that I would not be where I am today without great folks like Matt who helped pull me along."
Dave Clark,
Founder of the Dave Clark Foundation
Professional Baseball Player who played from Crutches

"Playing Catch With Destiny is a biography written by Michael Williamsen based on the life of minor-league pitcher Matt Bruback. It is universally intended for baseball fans as it exposes Major League Baseball’s and affiliates’ financial injustice, verbal abuse, and well-being neglect for their source of revenue, the players.

After being treated so inexcusably by Major League Baseball, Matt Bruback’s decision to give up on his dream to ameliorate the community and dedicate his life to helping kids with sensory disorders is truly admirable. It is a beautifully written story filled with twists and turns. The truth lying within these pages should not be ignored, and word of this device needs to be spread because it has a legitimate chance of making a difference.
Patrick Green,
Contributing Writer at Fansided (FS)
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“Enjoyed reading Playing Catch with Destiny but was heartbroken to learn how Matt was treated after everything he has done for my son. I’m so thankful we learned about the Miracle Belt when we did. Without the belt my son wouldn’t be where he is today! Jack has accomplished things we were told were not possible before the belt. Matt Bruback is an amazing man and a true hero for kids with special needs!”
MJ Farr,
Mother of a Child with ADHD and PDD

"Playing Catch with Destiny is a wonderful book. I could not put it down. It describes Matt's early years of growing up in a Military family, his love for baseball, and transition into helping children with sensory needs. The excitement and turmoil of constantly moving, the danger of living abroad, and his love of baseball. Most of all it's about strong family values; the importance of family, being there for each other, supporting and protecting family and doing the right thing for the family and our country. While Matt’s baseball career was laced with injustices, deeply rooted in the structure and organizations responsible for organized Minor and Major League Baseball, his strong ethics, good heart and love for others shines through. The ending of the book is truly the beginning, as I have witnessed firsthand the benefits that the miracle belt can offer children and adolescents. The belt has the look of a sports belt and children, especially boys, are proud to wear it. The therapeutic value far surpasses its look. It can help strength, balance, and motor control but can also help attention, focus and self-regulation. Matt's life experiences and personal need to physically improve led to the creation of the miracle belt, but destiny has led him to help others throughout the world. The world is a better place, because Matt is in it."
Caroyln Murray-Slutsky, MS OTR/L,
Author of Autism Interventions and
Is it Sensory or is it Behavior?

"Finished Playing Catch with Destiny last night and it struck me how much you had been through, yet dealt with it internally and with your personal support group. I knew Minor League Baseball was an insider business and very close knit (note: one of it's most interesting innovators, David Hersh, is basically blackballed from owning/operating), but the light that was shed on the way you guys were treated was enlightening. I always knew Hendry and Oneri were weasels, but the coaching insight was pretty incredible. The book is an easy read, and well-written. I am going to share it with a couple guys who are big fans of the game and a big Cubs guy (I am too, but hope their big changes at the top has helped the culture). Always knew I could count on Matt for our commitments to kids and organizations, but the book really shed light on why I could."
Brian Cheever
Former Minor League Assistant GM

"It is entirely un-American to limit a person's ability to maximize their earning potential."
Mark Linden,
Owner of Baseball Positive

"The bonus (Matt Bruback's bonus) led to MLB developing its current slotted system to hold down money going to draft picks. The MLB lawyer who devised the slotting system was Frank Connelly. Today he is the Pirate's club president."
John Perrotto,
National Sports Writer for Baseball Prospectus
Member of the Baseball Writers Association of America

“The book Playing Catch with Destiny details many untold industry secrets throughout professional baseball. It was devastating to read how Matt Bruback suffered physical and verbal abuse by the Chicago Cubs. When I first met Matt in 2002 he was playing for the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. Matt had a breakout season with a 3.16 E.R.A, 174 innings pitched, and a league-leading 158 strikeouts. He was selected to both the Southern League and AA all-star games. At the end of the season I fully expected Matt to get a September call-up by the Chicago Cubs... but it didn't happen. The first thought I had was that it seemed "weird" he didn’t get called up. How do you have a season like the one Matt had, and not get an opportunity to pitch in the Major Leagues? Playing Catch With Destiny is a baseball story which must be shared.”
Alan Worley,
Minor League Baseball Fan

“Playing Catch with Destiny is truly an inspiring book. My wife is a retired school teacher and can definitely relate to the challenges and time sensitive nature of helping children with disabilities. I like the quote in the book by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.' It's obvious Matt Bruback is heading in the right direction."
Glenn Gough,
Owner of Dugout Memories, Inc.

"Playing Catch With Destiny is the quintessential example that, truly, anything is possible. Written brilliantly by Michael Williamsen, a true prospect in his own right, the incredible story of Matt Bruback and the impact he has had on the lives of thousands of children is difficult to tell in the space of 196 pages. Matt has built the sort of legacy that most of us can only dream of, and it will carry on in the smiles of each and every child who has benefited from using the Miracle Belt. Just read the first-hand testimonies of physical therapists who have utilized the Belt in their approach, and you'll see precisely what I mean. What appears on the surface to be a very simple piece of equipment has helped to bring order and balance to chaos for children who didn't respond to previous therapies, and has even helped children to walk on their own for the first time in their lives. Matt talks about his love for the game of baseball, his sense of justice and personal ethics, and the lessons taught to him (hard lessons, to be sure) by professional baseball. His perseverance and, frankly, his heart for others has shone brightly through it all, and will continue for years to come. If you love the game of baseball, this is a must-read; not for the dugout stories and experiences which Bruback has shared with the reader, but because the same sporting principles that we know and cherish helped lay the foundation for the work he has done and will continue to do."
Clinton Riddle,
Freelance Sportswriter
Grading On The Curve

"Personally I'd prefer MLB concentrate more on promoting the growth of the game around the world. Let teams worry about who they want to sign and how much to pay them. I am not a fan of the slotted system. I don't have very high regards for MLB's operations."
Bob Oettinger,
President of International Baseball Association, Inc.

"While I know there is unfairness in every walk of life (just ask young lawyers), your examples are harsh and very curious. I had heard from former major leaguers the arguments about how many hours you guys really work and how little you get paid in the minors. However, I had no idea the pay was as bad as the numbers listed in the book. Playing Catch with Destiny is a “Curious and insightful look behind the black curtain that is MLB”. Part of the reason I made a decision not to become an agent was because of what appeared to be the lack of ethics in the system."
Name Withheld By Request
Attorney at Law in Tampa FL

"I could write several books about the negative experiences told to me by pro ball players. Signed with the Phillies in 1959 and played for 16 years. It didn't take long for me to realize that MLB was about one thing -- money. All of the decisions were made to increase their profit margins. It hasn't changed, of course, but now teams are having to be sneakier and more cleaver about it all. MLB is a huge corporation with multiple wealthy CEO's who do what is necessary to maintain complete comtrol over their product and to make it more profitable."
Dave Baldwin,
Former Professional Baseball Player

"As a former strength coach in the minor leagues, we were paid about $2.50 an hour for the work performed. The saving grace was even the starving minor league players would tip us for our assistance. It's an epidemic of multiple layers, you could really include the staff as they are also screwed by MLB organizations.

After 7 years I quit... it's a joke and its "mafia" controlled."

Gary McCoy,
Former Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach
Houston Astros & Florida Marlins

"Research has proven the earlier intervention is provided the more potential there is to improve brain function. I've seen firsthand how providing therapy interventions in a timely manner can significantly improve a child's overall development. Early intervention sets a child up for more success as they grow!"
Kelly Beins,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L
Owner of Occupational Therapy Consulting, LLC

"In today's society it's rare to find athletes who are truly committed to helping children. Matt Bruback is one of these athletes. In August of last year Matt flew to Upstate NY, just to help us with our Disability Dream & Do (D3) baseball camp. Throughout the camp he showed great leadership and a genuine interest in helping improve the lives of children with developmental disabilities. Thanks Matt for such a high level of commitment in helping others."
Doug Cornfield,
Executive Director of Dave Clark Foundation

"Playing Catch with Destiny shares a lot about professional baseball that never gets talked about. The fact that everything isn't all fun and games and how baseball is a business and like any large business must make a choice of doing what’s right or doing what best suits the bottom line. After reading the book it’s obvious which decision Major League Baseball has made. Another good point mentioned is about all the rules and how they have changed over time to benefit the business of baseball. Playing Catch with Destiny shows that there are good and bad people in baseball just like in real life."
Name Withheld by Request,
Retired High School Baseball Coach

"Ultimately, the true goal of sports is not to produce professional athletes but a healthy society; healthy in every way; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."
Karl Avdek,
Founder of All Balls No Bull

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